Trainee Artistic Directors – One Year On

The Artistic Director Leadership Programme just had its first birthday! One year on, our Trainee Artistic Directors write to the 2017 version of themselves, sharing what they know now, that they wished they knew then. On Monday, Anastasia told Anastasia “know that you will be a blessing to tiata fahodzi just as they are a blessing to you” and yesterday Nathan told his younger self “enjoy it, embrace it, but take your time”.

Next up, Kash Arshad, Trainee Artistic Director at Freedom Studios.

Dear Kash,

What you are about to do is awesome. You’re probably feeling like you can’t do it but have faith, in yourself, your ability and your knowledge.

It’s going to be a huge learning curve. You will have the time of your life. But there will be times when you feel out of your depth and that they should have hired the other person for this opportunity. Ignore that feeling, you deserve to be here!

This job will cement your belief that you are on the right path, because the support, belief and trust you will get from Alex and Aisha at Freedom will raise your confidence no end.

Keep the faith and throw everything you have at it!


Kash is Trainee Artistic Director at Freedom Studios, Bradford, Associate Director on their tour of When We Were Brothers, (dir. Aisha Khan) and is directing Airplays for Leeds Playhouse. Recent directing credits include The Tempest (ALRA North), Memories of Partition (Royal Exchange Theatre), Free Fall (Rogue Bones), and Street Voices 6 (Freedom Studios). He was Assistant Director on Threepenny Opera (Octagon Bolton, dir. David Thacker), Handbagged (Theatre By The Lake, dir. Liz Stevenson), Romeo and Juliet (West Yorkshire Playhouse, dir. Amy Leach) He is also Co-Artistic Director of Rogue Bones Theatre, Associate Company with Oldham Coliseum.

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