Trainee Artistic Directors – One Year On

The Artistic Director Leadership Programme just had its first birthday! One year on, our Trainee Artistic Directors write to the 2017 version of themselves, sharing what they know now, that they wished they knew then. Yesterday, Anastasia wrote to Anastasia.

Next up, Nathan Powell, Trainee Artistic Director at 20 Stories High, writes to himself.

A letter to my past self!

Enjoy it, embrace it, but take your time. I know 2 years doesn't seem like a long time but take a while to figure out the landscape. Take in the city more, see lots of work, see lots and lots of work! Understand the culture deeper and take the time to really get to know the company.

Liverpool is an amazing place and 20 Stories High are making amazing work, the best way for you to contribute to that is to have a greater understanding of it all. I know the temptation is to dive straight in and gobble up every opportunity and experience, but the reality is, if you do that too much, most of it won't stick in your brain anyway!

Contribute the best way you can, offer your experiences and knowledge and learn as much as you can from the people around you. Make connections and love every second of it, it's an amazing journey full of amazing people and amazing opportunities.

Have fun!


Nathan is a heatre maker, director, writer and Trainee Artistic Director at 20 Stories High. He has a particular interest in working with young people to a professional standard and his key areas of interest are in new writing and devised work. His work also involves broadening the reach of theatre and working within communities in a participatory way.

Recently he has co-directed HEADZ (20 Stories High) and directed Holloway Jones, Noughts and Crosses,The Domino Effect, The Ugly Duckling (Nottingham Playhouse). He also wrote and directed Takeaway (Hackney Attic).

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